The Brandenburg Gate and Brandenburger St. Potsdam

Updated: Aug 22

The Brandenburg Gate in Potsdam was built in 1770-1771 on the orders of King of Prussia Frederick II. He sought to celebrate his victory in the Seven Years' War.

Both sides of the gate, built in a Roman victory gate pattern, are designed differently - each side by a different architect. Karl von Gontard designed the side facing the city. His disciple George Christian Unger created the side facing out of town.

The pedestrian entrances were added in 1843, directing towards the town of Brandenburg - hence the name of the gate.

The Brandenburg Gate stands at the western end of Brandenburg Street. At the east end of the street rises the Church of St. Paul.

Between the two impressive buildings lies a beautiful 800-meter pedestrian street, the main street of the Old City. The pedestrian zone houses dozens of shops and boutiques, restaurants, courtyards, and cafes.