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Haifa City Museum

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The Haifa City Museum is located in the German Colony in a 19th century Templar’s House.

Friday-Saturday admission is free.

In the room near the entrance, there is a small permanent exhibition on the development of Haifa.

In the room, you go through the timeline from the formation of Haifa to the present while mentioning the main stations and presenting objects from different periods.

Alongside the permanent exhibition, there are rotating exhibitions. We visited two fascinating exhibitions. The first exhibition is dedicated to the LGBT community in Haifa and in Israel.

It tells a story of marginalization, silence, violence against community members and associations, and the struggle to bring about change.

The second exhibition deals with former USSR expatriates in Israel. It presents the pain of immigration, cultural gaps, and integration into Israeli society.

Alongside objects and installations, short films are screened that represent in animation the migration complexity and stories of museum workers in Haifa who came from the USSR fill boxes in the exhibition.

Outside, there are some games for kids designed to illustrate what immigration is.


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