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Ein Ivka (The Horses Spring)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Ein Ivka (also known as the Horse Spring) in the Zipory area is a pleasant spring.

๐ŸŒŠ The place is actually divided into two. There is a large and clear pool exposed to the sun, where the water reaches o knee height and a shaded area with shady corners around it where the water gets to the ankles.

It is a great place for all ages.

It can be reached in two ways.

If you only want to get directly to the spring, write in Waze/Google Maps Ein Ivka. As you approach, turning off the road is a 5-minute drive on a bumpy road suitable for private cars.

If you have two cars and want to tour the area, write in Waze/Google Maps Ras Ali. At the entrance to the settlement, there is parking to the right (below the school). Go down the path and turn right with the blue and white trail. This is the renewed Zipory Promenade (part of the significant restoration of the creek area in recent years). A road of about 3 km will lead you to Ein Ivka (through the monks' mill).


For more trips in the area press here

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