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Haifa Zoo

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

A visit to a zoo is always a great experience - for children and adults.

Haifa's Educational Zoo is located on the slopes of the Carmel mountain and overlooks the Lotem River.

Due to its location, the zoo tour includes descents and ascents on a relatively steep slope. However, the garden is primarily accessible with wide walking paths and many rest benches scattered.

The management of the place advertises on the official website that there is also a kind of electric train that takes visitors from the low observation point back to the higher areas of the zoo. Unfortunately, I visited with my ten-year-old daughter at a relatively "dead" time, a weekday at noon. The zoo was pretty empty, so the electric train did not work, and even the buffet and petting zoo were closed. And yet - the visit was delightful.

As is often the case in zoos, the time of visit is not coordinated with the animals themselves. So, unfortunately, the lion and the white tiger dozed off when we visited them. The bears and the Kangaroos were lazy.

However, the various monkeys, birds, and parrots were completely alert and provided impressive acrobatic abilities. We probably arrived close to feeding time, so many of the animals were very active.

I highly recommend a visit to the Haifa Educational Zoo - but without rushing. The ups and downs require a slow and calm stay. So make time and come for a walk in a beautiful and surprising place.

🚂 For people with walking difficulties, it is recommended to check before arrival if the electric train is running.

🎫 There is an entrance fee.

Enjoy 🤗

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