Hula Lake Park (Agamon Hahula)

Updated: Aug 21

What a stunning trail in Agamon Hula. Eight and a half km of great views.

Agamon Hula is a beautiful park and nature reserve. The area is well-kept, green, blooming, the viewpoints to the lake are spectacular.

There are several ways to travel it:

✅Renting a Club Car - for families - we did it, and it was fantastic. A leisurely ride in the open "car." The paths are well-marked; you pass between various stations, stop at the botanical garden. There are many shady spots along the way, with views of the lake.

✅ Renting a bike - this is what my friend and I did once, and it was terrific. The road is flat, so the ride is not challenging; there are many places to stop to rest, everything is open and wonderful.