Hula Lake Park (Agamon Hahula)

Updated: Oct 2

What a stunning trail in Agamon Hula. Eight and a half km of great views.

Agamon Hula is a beautiful park and nature reserve. The area is well-kept, green, blooming, the viewpoints to the lake are spectacular.

There are several ways to travel it:

✅Renting a Club Car - for families - we did it, and it was fantastic. A leisurely ride in the open "car." The paths are well-marked; you pass between various stations, stop at the botanical garden. There are many shady spots along the way, with views of the lake.

✅ Renting a bike - this is what my friend and I did once, and it was terrific. The road is flat, so the ride is not challenging; there are many places to stop to rest, everything is open and wonderful.

✅ On foot, you should consider that the paths are not shaded if you choose this option. As mentioned, there are many places with shade to rest in, but the walk itself is in the sun.

📌 There is an entrance fee

📌 Club car and bicycle rental - at an additional fee

📌In the summer, we suggest arriving early in the morning when it is most pleasant to do the route.

Enjoy 🤗

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