Jordan River - The Southern Part

Between the Dgania Dam and the Alumot Dam, Hayarden Park is the southern part of the Jordan River. It is titled in Hebrew: Gan Morad Yarden Dromy (meaning the park of the southern part of the Jordan River).

There is a paved route where you can descend to the wonderful water at any point along the way. On the trees, there are Tarzan-style ropes, and hikers do their private omega to the water. They also use the large tube between the two banks as a springboard…

You can rent a canoe from the nearby Rob Roy park (a place that will make small children happy) and sail on the Jordan River

Or just enjoy the water...


📌 There is no lifeguard, and swimming is the responsibility of the travelers.

📌 The water is great, but unfortunately, hikers do not collect the garbage after them, and there are dirty areas.

📌 On weekends the place is full of tents of campers.

📌There is no shade.

📌 On weekends and holidays, it gets hectic, and you should arrive early.

Waze: Rob Roy

Enjoy 🤗

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