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Kfar Kama

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Kfar Kama is a fascinating Circassian village.

We chose two tours: the Circassian Heritage and Culture Center (which also has a small museum) and the Circassian Museum. We learned fascinating things about the Circassians.

I will not tell you everything so you can tour and hear directly from the locals, so just briefly: The Circassian people existed from the fourth century BC. the language they are careful to preserve is based on sounds and imitation of the sounds of nature. They have fascinating customs and great respect for women. A 101-year war between them and Russia ended in genocide and deportation. They were scattered worldwide, and some were brought to Palestine by the Ottomans. In Israel today, about 4,000 Circassians live in two villages. They are Muslims who, in 1956, signed a mutual agreement with Israel. The men serve in the IDF; some women do national service. You watch a short film at the tours, hear explanations, and tour the village.

We were there on a wintry day, and along with the inclement weather, the hike in the quiet village (you would not believe how quiet) was terrific.

Beyond the fascinating tours, there is lovely food in the village.

It was a fascinating, relaxing, and pleasant tour—a window into a not-so-familiar culture. I do not think one must visit both centers. We had time and enjoyed the different stories we heard in both places, but you can choose one. I must point out that David Shawgen, the research director of the Circassian Museum, has vast knowledge. He is a lovely guy, and it was great fun to listen to him and walk with him.

For more places in the area press here.

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