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Sahara Palace Restaurant

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Excellent Arabian food at the Sahara Palace restaurant at Nin Junction.

The restaurant opened a year ago and serves Shami food - Arab food from the Galilee region, southern Lebanon, and southern Syria.

The place is charming and spacious - spacious with high ceilings.

The food is excellent: Wonderful fresh salads that go far beyond the standard, including small eggplants in marinade, zucchini in yogurt, and sour artichokes.

We also took Kebab cooked in tomatoes and wrapped in dough - a little spicy and delicious. We dipped the dough in the sauce and left nothing...

Wonderful Shishbraak - dumplings stuffed with meat and cooked in yogurt.

For dessert - Knafe on a skewer filled with mozzarella cheese and goat cheese – so yummy

The restaurant is open all weak long 11:00 am - 11 pm


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