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Tel-Dor National Park

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Tel Dor National Park - Walking on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, looking at antiquities, swimming in lagoons and natural seawater pools - all in one place.

Tel Dor National Park (not to be confused with the Dor-Habonim Reserve) is a wonderful pastime for all ages.

Parents with small children and those who like to rest - there are many shallow pools of various sizes on the left side of the beach.

Parents with older children can wander among the cliffs, hiking, swimming with snorkelers, looking for crabs and fish.

Another option is to hike towards the antiques. Thanks to the natural bays of the coast, the port city of Dor was established here 3,500 years ago. Over the years, it has become a fortified city, engaged in maritime trade and the production of crimson paint. Remains of the high walls, public buildings, and private houses still remain in the area.

In the national park, there are two routes, about 850 meters each - one climbs along the limestone ridge to Tel Dor. The route is fully accessible and studded with beautiful lookout points that overlook the remains of the historic port city and the beautiful beach.

The second route progresses below the ridge, along the coast full of bays - and allows you to see the remains of the old city at eye level. The two routes meet at Tel Dor. Those who do not need an accessible way can follow it as a circular route.

The shipyard

The Temple Complex

The southern harbor and the lagoon Observation from Tel Dor


The beaches are unauthorized, and bathing is your responsibility only.

You need to bring sandals/walking shoes - it is not advisable to walk on the cliffs with flip-flops.

At 5 pm, the reserve closes.


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