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The Fire Scroll Monument, The Saints' Trail, and the Anne Frank Memorial

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

A beautiful and exciting route of Holocaust commemoration.

The starting point is the Fire Scroll Monument, inaugurated in 1972. Artist Nathan Rapaport, a Holocaust survivor, wanted to design the monument at first as six pillars in memory of the six million who perished in the Holocaust but eventually chose two pillars. One marks the Holocaust and the other the heroism. The monument is very impressive and surrounded by stunning views of the Jerusalem mountains.

The Saints' Trail begins there - a stunning trail amidst the spectacular nature of the Jerusalem mountains, green and blooming with beautiful views.

The trail leads down to three more stations related to the Holocaust:

A wall with the names of communities in which the Jews perished.

Bnei Brit Cave - serves as a place of remembrance for the memory of Holocaust victims in official ceremonies (it is impossible to enter it).

The Anne Frank Memorial - Two short parallel paths in the Saints’ Forest. On boards placed along the paths, you will find quotes from Anne Frank about her love for nature and especially for the chestnut tree she saw from the window. In the second trail, there are quotes written about her. The end of the path is a very beautiful statue of the sculptor Pete Cohen, a Holocaust survivor from the Netherlands. He wanted to emphasize the loneliness forced on her and her detachment from nature. It's a room without walls that looks a bit like a cage with one chair. From it, you can see the trees outside.

Beyond this route, there are other hiking trails within the Forest of the Saints designed to commemorate the six million who were murdered in the Holocaust.

For more trips in the area, press here.


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