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The monastery of Saint Euthymius and The Monastery of Martyrius

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

In the Ma'ale Adumim area, the remains of two monasteries from the Byzantine period were found. They are usually only opened twice a month to the public.

The monastery of Saint Euthymius was a prominent monastery in which the monks who were isolated also provided services to those who moved between Jerusalem and Jericho. The place is in an industrial area, and the combination of the remains with the view of Supermarkets is unbelievable ...

One of the fascinating discoveries in the monastery of Saint Euthymius is the vast water reservoir that has been preserved. You can go down to it, it is very impressive and has fantastic acoustics, so it is recommended to start singing there…

The Monastery of Martyrius is one of the most significant Byzantine monasteries discovered in the Judean Desert. The location is also unbelievable - in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Ma'ale Adumim. Neighbors can look out of the windows adjacent to the remains of the monastery...

The monastery was active between the 5th to the 7th century AD. Among other things, you will see the remains of rooms, a dining room, mosaics, and a church.


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