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The Old House in Ein Karem

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The Rose of Ein Karem is a fascinating place in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Jerusalem. It is an ancient house over 200 years old (from the Ottoman period) where Elazar and Shoshana Krebsi currently live.

They lived in another neighborhood in Jerusalem and bought the house 15 years ago (Elazar says he closed the deal in 20 minutes ...). As they began to maintain and renovate, they discovered an ancient mosaic in the basement.

A visit to their house includes a tour of the old and unique house (where every corner is fascinating), an observation of Ein Karem from their roof, and a visit to the garden

The highlight of the garden is the jam warehouse. Shoshana is a writer, poet, storyteller who conducts various workshops and dispenses jams. Among the special jams she makes, you will find a jam to increase the Libido of men and women. It is based on a mixture of herbs - knowledge that her grandmothers brought with them from Morocco. When I visited, she had just cooked in a massive pot of this jam because all the previous stock had run out ...

You need to book a tour in advance. Phone: 050-2452800 The tours are for a nominal fee. If you buy jam - the tour is free.


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