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Water Trail in the Lower Banias Stream

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The Banias Stream (a.k.a. Hermon Stream) has several parts. The upper part, a national park, is stunning, but it is forbidden to get into the water.

You can enter the water and swim in other parts, like the lower Banias.

You can enter the water and swim in other parts, like the lower Banias. You start from the eucalyptus parking lot. There is a path with the possibility of two routes - to the right in (towards Shear Yishuv) and a shorter way to the left in the direction of Sde Nehemia called the Ami Trail promenade.

The Ami Trail Promenade is actually a dry trail parallel to the lower Banias. Every few meters, there is a small path from which you can enter the stream. You can swim, flow with the stream, sit on the banks of the Banias in shaded spots. It is amazing. Next to Sde Nehemiah, there is also a small area of ​​lawns.

At the beginning of the promenade, where the Ami Trail begins, the water flow is calm. Immediately afterward, there is a waterfall followed by a powerful flow. Towards Sde Nehemiah, in an area called Sde Nehemiah Lake, it is feeble.

In the morning, the water is frozen and, throughout the day, warms up.

Hikers arrive with tubes, wheels, mattresses and are swept away by the stream from the beginning of the water trail. At its end, they return on the dry route to the beginning of the water trail and do the same water trail again and again ... I have seen families who have done this route several times (there is no doubt that the children slept well at night ...)

There is no lifeguard along the entire route. Entering the water and swimming is the sole responsibility of the swimmers. Families with small children need to be very careful in the parts of the intense flow.

This water trail is a great Pleasure


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