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Yarkon National Park – Tel Afek area

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Yarkon National Park – Tel Afek area (Antipatris) – A wonderful national park in the center of Israel - pools and water canals for paddling, the viewpoint of a lake with fish, hiking trails, and antiquities.

Yarkon National Park – Tel Afek area (Antipatris) is about 13,000 dunams and includes two main places - Tel Afek and Mekorot Hayarkon. We chose Tel Afek. There are many trees, shaded areas, picnic tables, paddling pools, and water canals where you can walk. There is also a lake with fish you can look at, but swimming is forbidden. Alongside a complex of antiquities from a city from 3,000 BC that was destroyed and rebuilt over the years.

There are several hiking trails:

A Short circular route - to Tel Afek – it takes about half an hour.

A Medium circular route - to the Nofarim Pool (artificial ponds where the Nofarim flowers grow) - about an hour and a half

A Long route - to the Yarkon and back - a total of 4 hours. If you leave a car in the Mekorot Hayarkon complex, the walk is about two hours.

Small children are really excited about the paddling pools in Yarkon National Park – Tel Afek area. It is also great for adults to dip their feet in them ...

We chose the short route (because we were lazy ...). It allows you to see all the attractions in the place - the paddling pools, the water canals, the lake, and the fortress of Antipatris. When you stand on the shores of the lake, you can see fish swimming in it.

Please note that it is forbidden to enter the lake, and it is prohibited to fish.


For more places in the area press here

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