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The Long Market in Gdansk

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Gdansk Long Market Old Town

The Long Market of Gdansk is probably the main tourist attraction in the city. It was founded in the 13th century as a merchants' road and became the town's main street. The wealthiest residents built their homes here, competing with each other in arts and decorations. It's equivalent to what's called in other places, "the old town." You will find here many restaurants, souvenir shops, museums, and beautiful houses. Some of the main attractions of the city are located here:

The Green Gate

Gdansk Green Gate Long Market

the royal residence from the 16th century now houses the National Museum in Gdansk. One of the rooms also served the former Polish President and the leader of Solidarity movement Lech Lech Wałęsa (Spelled: Valensa).

The Golden Gate

Gdansk Golden Gate Long Market

Built in the early 17th century at one end of the Long Market. It Destroyed during WWII and was reconstructed in 1957.

Neptune's Fountain

Gdansk Neptune's Fountain

Located in the middle of the Long Market, Neptune's Fountain opened in 1633. It was renovated several times because of the wars' damages. The last renovation was in 2012.

Fahrenheit Monument

The scientist Daniel Fahrenheit, who invented the Fahrenheit temperature scale, was born in Gdansk. To his honor, the city represents an antique thermometer in the center of its most famous street.

There are more main sites to visit in the Long Market. So I wrote individual posts for them: The Old Town Hall, St. Mary Basilica, the Old Prison (the Amber Museum), and The Amber Sky ferry wheel.

There are also lots of street artists playing on the street.

I think it's better to visit here at least twice, by daytime and night, to get the whole impression of this beautiful place.

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