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Radar Hill

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The Radar Hill is located in the heart of Har Adar (named after the hill), and it rises to a height of 880 meters above sea level. Its strategic location, which allows observation of Jerusalem, Judea, and the lowlands, made it an important battle site during the Independence War (1948) and the Six-Day War (1967).

During World War II, the British set up a relay station on the hill, mistakenly called "Radar" by those who saw it. However, the British abandoned the facility before the declaration of Israel's independence (1948). As a result, a battle broke out between the Palmach forces and the Jordanian army. The ceasefire agreements left the hill under Jordanian control until the Six-Day War (1967) when the Har'el Brigade occupied the mountain.

At the end of the war, the 104th Battalion of the Harel Brigade erected a small monument to their comrades. In 1975 a central memorial was inaugurated in memory of the Harel Brigade, with a 16-meter-high observation tower and a display of tanks and armored vehicles that could be climbed.

A plaque next to the monument commemorates the Israeli soldiers who fell here. In addition, explanatory plaques about the battles are spread on the site.

🚻 There are toilets near the site.

🧭 Waze: Giv'at Haradar Har Hadar

Enjoy 🤗

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