The Boat Beach

On the boat beach next to the Dor Habonim Reserve, you can find the skeleton of the famous fishing boat "Hawk" (Elisheva) wrecked on Habonim Beach in 1970.

The sight of the shipwreck on the beautiful beach is impressive. It's unbelievable that it stayed there all these years ...

Access to the boat is through the Dor Habonim Nature Reserve. At the entrance to the reserve, turn right and walk for about 15 minutes. Exit the reserve through a low fence and reach the boat.


The beaches to the north and the south are unauthorized, and bathing is your responsibility only.

You need to bring sandals/walking shoes - it is not advisable to walk on the cliffs with flip-flops.

At 8p8 pmm, the reserve closes. From this hour, there is no entry and exit.

Enjoy 🤗

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