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Capernaum - The Town of Jesus

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Capernaum is one of the holiest places for Christianity. It was a large Jewish settlement of fishermen and farmers on the main road to Damascus in the past. Ancient coins found at the site indicate that the village was probably established in the second century BC.

Jesus lived here, preaching to the villagers, including Peter, who became Jesus' messenger to spread his ideas around the world. Unfortunately, in the eighth century AD, the village was destroyed by an earthquake. It was rebuilt on a nearby site but was abandoned in the 11th century.

In the fifth century AD, an octagonal church was established in Capernaum near the synagogue. The Christian tradition refers to this church as the "House of Peter."

In 1990, a modern prayer building was erected above the church, allowing the archeological remains to be viewed.

In the first half of the 19th century, an American researcher identified the synagogue. The excavations continued intermittently by various scholars and monks until 1982. The temple was built of white limestone in the center of a city made of black basalt and is divided into three spaces: entrance hall, prayer hall, and courtyard Open surrounded by columns.

After visiting the archeological sites, it is very worthwhile to sit on the beautiful beach for a while. Of course, bathing is forbidden, but viewing the landscapes is allowed, and the place is simply spectacular in its quiet.

🧻 There are toilets at the entrance.

🎫 5 shekels entry - cash only!


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